Blue Bridal Bouquets

For blue bridal bouquets, the choice of blue flowers can be limited.

But does not mean that you can't mix with other colored flowers to create a limitless design of blue bouquets.

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers that are used for weddings are like blue hydrangeas, blue hyacinths and blue iris. Blue hyacinth varieties are like Blue Jackett and Delft Blue.

Other popular wedding flowers for bridal bouquets are Muscari, Delphiniums, Blue Star and the Blue Rose.

Delphiniums are line flowers that are suitable for tall centerpieces, but when they are used in bridal bouquets they are cut short.

Another flower which is similarly popular is the Forget Me Not in blue. They are small flowers and very sweet.

Not so common blue wedding flower is the Cornflower. Sometimes you can see them in bouquets and centerpieces.

For the groom, they usually prefer not so girlish accessory, so they often choose thistle in their boutonnieres.

When using blue, you can complement with other colors like white, orange, red or yellow.

Pictures of blue bridal bouquets for your inspiration

blue bridal bouquets

An all blue hydrangea round bouquet.

blue bridal bouquets

A sweet hand tied bouquet of Pacific Blue rose, blue hydrangeas, white freesias and eucalyptus leaves.

blue bridal bouquets

A mix of lavender and dark purple lisianthus in a hand tied bouquet.

blue bridal bouquets

Blue iris, green pompons and magenta dahlias in this hand tied bouquet. See more ideas for using iris in a wedding bouquet.

blue bridal bouquets

These are blue roses, with black calla lilies, purple orchids and purple hydrangeas. Also in the bouquet are ruscus leaves and fine fillers.

blue bridal bouquets

White hydrangeas with tints of blue look lovely against white roses, stephanotis and pearl embellishments.

blue bridal bouquets

This is a hand tied bouquet of blue hydrangeas, white freesias and pittosporums. The bouquet holder is wrapped with china grass, then wrapped with white ribbon.

Blue Accessories For Your Bouquet

If you like a modern look for your blue bridal bouquet, add decorative accessories to enhance the appearance. These accessories will add shine and glitter to your bouquet and will shine upon you, too.

Blue beaded wire by Smithers Oasis is a great accessory. You can add it onto the flowers when the bouquet is done, or leave them hanging from the bouquet. You can even wrap the bouquet holder with the wire for a different look.

Blue diamante pins are great to put in flower centers, especially if you have white flowers in your blue bouquet. The contrasting blue and white will create a new look for your flowers and your bouquet.

Blue aluminium wire is so versatile, you can design any shape and add to your bouquet. You can form a heart shape and add it aaspart of the bouquet, you can even have loops in and out of the flowers, or you can even have them as bouquet collars.

These are great accessories you can add and it is a great way to set your bouquet apart from the conventional type of bouquets.

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Blue Wedding Flowers

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