Black Roses

Black roses look so elegant in wedding flower arrangements. They are not exactly black in color, but they are in deep dark red, close to being to black.

Most common ones are the Black Magic and Black Baccara. Because of their unique color, you cannot simply match them to any flower color.

The combination of flowers should be complementary so that to bring out the beauty of these dark roses.

black roses

Black Baccara

$139.99 for 50 stems

black roses

Black Magic

$109.99 for 50 stems

Black roses in weddings

black roses

In a corsage, combined with some berries.

black roses

In a centerpiece, with burgundy dahlias and orange freesias. In the glass container, are horsetails cut short.

black roses

A hand tied bouquet of deep red roses, deep red gerbera daisies, a single white calla lily with crystals.

black roses

A hand tied bouquet of peach calla lilies, pink and red roses with limoneums as fillers.

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