Beach Wedding Flowers

How can you decide which flowers make perfect beach wedding flowers when there are so many different types of them?

The first point that you have to remember, if you have chosen a beach setting for your wedding, is that the atmosphere is already magical and romantic. You do not need to have a lot of flowers at all, but you may want to have a few for that final touch.

Think carefully before you go ahead and order your flowers though, as a lot of the more traditional wedding flowers, such as roses, will not survive very well in the heat.

Choosing your beach wedding flowers

Unless you have set your heart on having carnations, or other delicate flowers, you need to choose wedding flowers that will be best suited to the climate. That means having a look at what is available locally. You can do this, either by searching on the Internet, or by contacting a florist who specializes in beach themed weddings.

If you want a few ideas for your wedding flowers then here are some that would be perfect:

  • Orchids – they are available in so many colors, you are sure to find one to match your theme. They are delicate looking flowers, but can withstand the tropical climate.
  • Anthuriums – these are extremely striking looking, and are available in a variety of pink and red shades, as well as some others. They are extremely long-lasting in tropical temperatures. The tulip-shaped anthurium is wonderful in the bride’s bouquet.
  • Gardenias – these white flowers, with a hint of yellow, have an amazing scent. They would make perfect decorations for an archway.
  • Birds of Paradise – another extremely unusual, but totally tropical flower. Often used in arrangements, they are predominantly red and yellow.

Beach wedding flowers are often far more colorful than those of traditional church weddings, for example. Don’t be afraid to use color. Of course, there are literally thousands of flowers that you would make perfect beach wedding flowers. Those are just a few.

Displaying your flowers - make use of Mother Nature

You also have to consider how you are going to display the flowers, apart from in the hand-held bouquets. This will depend on what is available at the ceremony site.

Palm trees make excellent places to attach flowers to, but you may need to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Many couples opt to have a simple archway constructed, and flowers can be hung over this. You need to be careful that you do not choose strongly scented flowers for the archway, or it may become overpowering in the heat of the sun.

Always try to arrange the flowers to enhance the natural setting, there is no need to go overboard on the amount of beach wedding flowers that you use. The simplest arrangements are often the best. Take a look at some of the flowering trees and bushes that you can use too.

These can be arranged, in planters, to create a wonderful walkway. You may also want to consider having some flower petals strewn across the sand for you to walk over, and to add the finishing touch for photographs. This should be done at the last possible moment.

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