Beach Theme Wedding Decorations

Looking for beach theme wedding decorations ideas?

Here are great ideas for table settings, wedding napkins and other decorations for a beach wedding theme.

If destination weddings is not an option, bring the outdoors indoors. Use accents from the beach like shells, sand and tropical plants to create unique beach wedding themes. Use them in your wedding bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres for a special wedding.

Table Setting

beach theme wedding decorations

Use blue and white tablewares against white daisies to create a wonderful beach wedding settings. Also use artificial seashells to create the scene.

Wedding Napkin

beach theme wedding decorations

Use white napkins on white plates, on rattan slaps. Decorate with artificial starfish. You could also a frangipani bloom or leave it simple.

beach theme wedding decorations

A stripey blue napkin on a white plate, decorated with a seashell.

Candle Votives

beach theme wedding decorations

These candle votives will make the scene setting very romantic. Use seashells as containers, put in beach sand and then place a votive candle in the middle. Put near centerpieces or on banquet tables for beautiful beach theme wedding decorations.

Seashell Boutonniere

beach theme wedding decorations

A unique seashell boutonniere for the groom. The materials were glued to the seashell to create the boutonniere. You could also use flower materials like the stephanotis, the muscari or the blue hydrangea to add to the seashell to make this beach themed boutonniere.

Using Parasols In Wedding Centerpieces

Parasols are a great accessory for a summer or beach themed wedding. Their bright colors will be perfect for a summer party as well. To use them, you need tall glass containers because they are quite bulky. You cannot place them on tables because they require space. Below are ideas on how you can use them.

1. Use a tall cylindrical glass containers and fill up with pomanders of different sizes. One pomander made of yellow daisies, one made of green pompons and the other hot pink carnations. At the top, place two or three parasols, not directly inside but slantingly, like a cocktail drink.

2. Using also a tall cylindrical glass container, place a parasol upside down at the top. Make an arrangement inside the center of the parasol, with strings of flower blooms hanging from the parasol down to the sides of the glass container.

3. Place lemons and limes in a tall trumpet glass container. Then, place one parasol of green or yellow in color directly inside. A cylindrical glass container won't work in this design. You need a trumpet glass container where the the bottom is narrower.

4. Use the parasol as a topiary. In a flower container, decorate the top with flowers or just cover with moss. Then, stick a parasol in the middle. You can also decorate the edges of the parasol by gluing flower blooms all around. This is a simple but unique idea for a beach wedding centerpiece.

All and all, parasols make great beach theme wedding decorations, whether you hang them from the ceiling for decoration or place them along the sides of the wedding aisle. They set the mood perfectly.

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