Learn Basic Flower Arranging Techniques Here

Learn basic flower arranging.

Everything starts with knowledge. To become successful in anything, you need knowledge to succeed.

Same goes with floral arranging. To be good at floral arranging or flower arrangement, you need to learn the basics.

Go to any floral school, the first thing they'll teach you is the basics of design. From there, you build your own style.

Enrolling to the floral school need money. But here, you can get the info at no cost.

Here are the fundamentals of floral designing, the basic stuffs you need to know.

Principles of floral design

You'll learn the primary and secondary principles of floral design. What is needed in an arrangement to make it look balanced and independent.

You'll find out in detail what is balance, proportion, composition, tension, repetition and rhythm among others.

Elements of floral design

Elements of floral design are different from the principles. They are added characteristic of an arrangement to make it even more unique and have character.

You'll learn things like texture, space, form, line and others.

Flower arrangement styles

Flower arrangement styles are also added characteristics to an arrangement so that they symbolize something. For example, a flower arrangement style can be traditional, natural or linear.

Flower arrangement forms

A flower arrangement comes in different forms. They can be triangular, vertical, crescent, fan or horizontal. Learn about each of these forms and their features.

Color of flower arrangements

Color play an important part in any arrangement. How do you make a colorful bouquet but yet pleasing to the eye? You'll learn about the color wheel and how to combine colors to make your arrangement look pleasant.

Flower arranging tips

Useful tips that florists use in their flower arrangements. Some materials are more difficult to handle than others. How do you make the leaf to curl like that? Find out these helpful tips to make your life easier.

Flower arranging techniques

Use multiple techniques in your floral designs. Techniques like banding, weaving, grouping and mirroring are all important to know too.

Flower arranging steps

How do you arrange flowers? Which flowers to start first? This basic flower arranging guide will help you how to choose the type of flowers suitable for an arrangement. Then, organize them to make flower arranging a breeze.

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