Baby Shower Centerpieces

There are many ideas for baby shower centerpieces. For baby boys, the preferable choice of color would be blue and for girls, pink.

There may not be many blue flowers as compared to pink flowers, but you can mix blue with white flowers. For pink flowers, the choice is limitless.

Below are centerpiece ideas you could use for your baby shower party.

baby shower centerpieces

Make a pink basket arrangement using lavender freesias. Decorate the basket with pink checkers ribbon, perfect for the little one.

baby shower centerpieces

A slim arrangement of pink roses and pink gerbera daisies with eucalyptus leaves and other foliage in a pink polka dot ceramic vase.

baby shower centerpieces

A low wreath centerpiece of pink roses and pittosporums, adorned with pink polka dot ribbon.

Pink Gerbera Baby Shower Centerpiece

baby shower centerpieces

This is a topiary table centerpiece for a baby shower party. I used pink gerbera daisies, moss, pink polka dot ribbon and a galvanised tin container.

First, I prepared the container. Insert a wet foam inside and cover with moss. I then take the gerbera daisies and begin to form a globe with the gerberas. After adjusting the position of flowers and happy with it, I took the floral tape and wrap the stems from top to bottom.

Then, using a bit of force, insert the stem into the middle of the container. I then tie the pink polka dot ribbon around the stem in a criss cross style. Very sweet and ready to decorate the table.

How To Make A Simple Baby Shower Centerpiece

The materials you need to get are firstly a chick doll (I got mine at a craft store), a yellow pot, pink roses, peach roses and yellow roses.

What you got to do first is soak a block of foam in water. Then, cut the foam to fit in the yellow pot.

Leave about 1cm of foam above the pot.

Next, insert the chick doll near the center of the pot and slantingly. You can also insert the doll after inserting all the flowers but here, I inserted it first.

Next, let's insert the pink roses. Cut the pink roses into short lengths and insert them in the middle of the pot and form a circle.

Next, cut the peach roses into short lengths and insert them around the pink roses as shown in the picture below.

Lastly, do the same for the yellow roses. Insert them around the peach colored roses.

Then, your arrangement is ready. Place them on tables at your baby shower party.

Hope you enjoy making this arrangement.

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