Asian Wedding Flowers

asian wedding flowers

Asian wedding flowers are quite popular. When you're planning an asian wedding, all the decorations to your wedding must be asian-inspired, to pull the theme together.

This includes your wedding bouquet, your wedding favors, your wedding venue decorations must tie together.

How to get the asian-inspired theme for your wedding? Firstly, you need to consider, which culture do you want to adopt?

Chinese? Indian? or Japanese?

No matter which, you can choose popular flowers like orchids, cherry blossoms, lotus seeds, and even bamboo.

Bamboo can be a versatile decoration. Can be used in arrangements, centerpieces and many other things.

The chinese symbolic flower is the peony. They believe it brings prosperity, you can choose them too. They make lovely wedding bouquets.

Your wedding centerpieces can also include asian accents besides the asian flowers. You can include things like, the mandarin oranges, indian spices like cinnamon sticks among others.

It all depends on your preference.

Your wedding favor ideas are limitless. It can be things like origami, chopsticks, mini elephant figurines, fortune cookies, chinese take-out boxes and even fans.

For your wedding aisle, you can decorate it with lanterns that are decorated with some flowers. No need to overdo it. The lights from the lanterns will create a romantic ambience.

These are all ideas that you can use for your asian wedding. For the wedding theme color, the chinese would probably choose 'red', as they believe red brings wealth.

You can also do that too. An asian wedding can be something to be remembered for a lifetime, if it creates a long-lasting first impression.

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