Asian Floral Designs

by Anson Low

Asian flowers and element are mixed together in these asian floral designs by Anson Low. He is Singaporean floral designer and very famous for his beautiful designs and flower creations.

Take a look at some of his works below.

This is a simple arrangement of red amaryllis inside slim black vases. They are decorated with skeleton leaves, copper wire and also red rubber seeds.

Here, is a natural but detailed arrangement. Small pieces of wood, glued together to make the main structure. Some foliage are used for decoration.

An appealing arrangement that uses some kind of dried big leaves to make the 'skirting'. Red carnations are used. In the center, are the red carnations tied together to make a bunch. To make it more interesting, silver thick wire is used.

Here is also something unique. Green test tubes with rolled rattan. Near the opening of the test tubes are some kind of vines. Below is a close-up of the flowers.

The designer used paphiopedilum orchids for the arrangement. The designer did not use a lot of it because the flower already stands out in its own.

This one here can be used as a wall decoration. It is actually a wire framework with red ribbon weaved in the holes of the frame.

Here is a close-up of the flowers used to decorate this piece. You can see some pink eustomas and wax flowers. Also, the designer used red wire stoppers. They are somewhat hidden under all the 'weaving action.'

Here is a close-up of the top part. The weaving is between red and green ribbon.

This ia a very elaborated decoration for a piano. For far, the decoration looks like a wave. Below is the close-up.

The wave is mainly made of rattan strips with vine foliage and orchids.

This one looks like a tree but actually, they are few types of foliages assembled together to look like a tree.

If you look closely, a lot of green and red amaranthus are used for making this 'tree'.

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