About Me... And This Site

Hi, I'm Liz. I come from Selangor, Malaysia. Some of you may not know where Malaysia is but it is certainly on the world map.

Let me tell you about Malaysia. Malaysia is a peaceful country and made up of three major ethnicities. The Malay, Chinese and the Indians.

I am a Malay by the way. We speak our native language Bahasa Malaysia and English is our second language. If you ever have the chance to visit Malaysia, language will not be any problem.

All of us speak English (including broken English). Even the newspaperman or the gardener speak English.

Those who have been to Malaysia will tell you that we are very peaceful people. Come visit us some time and find out for yourself.

Now, Selangor, the state where I live in, is the most developed state in the country. I work in Cyberjaya, a quiet IT town in the outskirts of Selangor.

I am a HelpDesk Agent, supporting the Siebel application.

What's that got to do with flower arrangement?

Exactly what I would have thought. Flower arranging is my hobby. A few years back, I don't have a hobby.

Life was pretty boring for me. Work, work, work. Nothing to look forward to.

Then, I told myself one day that I need some entertainment or perhaps self satisfaction. I was interested in flowers, so I took up flower arrangement.

I enrolled into a flower arrangement course with a local florist near where I live. The classes were fun, because I got to meet new friends who also share the same interest as me.

At first, it was hard for me because I wasn't much of a creative person. I am from a technical background. During my flower lessons, I realized that my thinking was too rigid.

Learning flower arrangement helped my mind to relax a bit. During the first lessons, my flower teacher told me my arrangements were too tensed and tight up.

The flowers had no breathing space.

But I got better and better as I progressed. I was loosen up a bit. I explored more color choices, instead of just plain and monochromatic colors.

With this hobby, I feel more relaxed and I enjoy life more. Looking and smelling the flowers make me feel refreshed.

A friend of mine who also enrolled into the same course as me, had difficulty conceiving.

But after a few months in the class, she got pregnant with her first baby.

How's that?

But, why this site?

As much as I enjoy arranging flowers, I want to share my enjoyment with you. I want to show you that flower arranging is easy and fun!

Imagine the vast choice of colours and flowers that you can work with. The different shape and designs that you can create.

Flower arranging also puts your mind to work. Let me give you an example.

With this looking container, what kind of arrangement is suitable? Which flower is suitable with which?

In other words, it is a very rewarding hobby. And I want to share this hobby with you.

If I can do it, you can too.

I hope you will enjoy exploring this site and what I have to offer, as much I enjoy making this site for you.

Have fun!

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